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Authority Launches Equality Objectives - 5 April

5 April 2012

Police Authority Launches Equality Objectives

South Wales Police Authority has today launched its equality objectives, which sets out how we will promote equality.
The Equality Objectives, available here, have been brought in to demonstrate how we will work towards achieving the aims of the General Equality Duty in the next few years.  This is a requirement under the Equality Act 2010.
The three objectives agreed relate to:
  • monitoring and scrutinising the way in which the force handles hate crime incidents, and working to increase the reporting of hate incidents among communities;
  • ensuring that the force effectively represents the communities it serves, through monitoring the profile of under-represented groups across the organisation; and
  • engaging with young people.
The objectives will apply to the Authority until it is abolished in November this year, and replaced by the directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner. 
Vice Chair of South Wales Police Authority, Mr John Littlechild MBE JP, said: “While the Police Authority is being replaced later in the year, we must ensure that we continue to carry out our duties until November. 
“One of our aims for this year is to ensure we have a lasting legacy to hand over to the Commissioner.  These objectives are a key part of that.  We are committed to working for equality and fairness for everyone, and that is reflected in our plans for the next year.  We are sure that the incoming Police and Crime Commissioner, once elected, will want to continue with this, ensuring that respect for equality and diversity is evident and promoted in all that he or she does.
“We have a vision of promoting equality to ensure a fair and accountable police service that responds to community needs and encourages an inclusive workplace culture.  These objectives will look to achieve this vision as much as possible during our final few months, and hope the incoming Police and Crime Commissioner will continue this good work.”
On 15 November 2012, public elections will be held in South Wales to elect the first Police and Crime Commissioner.  He or she will replace the Police Authority, and will be responsible for overseeing the Chief Constable, and representing the public.  For more information, click here.
Police and Crime Commissioner
To find out more about the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, Alun Michael, visit:
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