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Value for Money Statement

Value for Money

The Value for Money (VFM) profiles bring together data about costs, performance and activity of the police.
The data are displayed under sections that give an overview of the chosen organisation and the services it delivers.
Using this profile you can see;
  • how an organisation is spending its resources, and how well services perform;
  • how the costs and performance of an organisation compares to others; 
  • the latest planned budgets for councils; 
  • outlier reporting.


Value for Money Profile 2011 Maint: [688 KB] Math o Ffeil: [.pdf]
This statement addresses the requirements of the Home Office report by the High Level Working Group Report on Police Value For Money. The attached Value for Money Plan considers the areas for efficiency in line with the Home Office report.

The Police Authority must balance the demand for greater levels of policing with the availability of limited resources to satisfy demand. Value for Money is therefore not simply about the cost of services but is concerned with overall quality of those services to reduce risk harm and threat.

The Authority has developed a medium term policing plan which is underpinned by a comprehensive set of strategies and objectives that aim to continually improve the policing service and deliver better value.

Value for Money Statement Maint: [52 KB] Math o Ffeil: [.pdf]


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