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Equality Objectives

Public Sector Duty - Equality Objectives

The Equality Act 2010 (UK Specific Duties regulations) requires us to set equality objectives by 6th April 2012.
These specific objectives must demonstrate how we will work towards achieving the aims of the General Equality Duty in the next few years.
Following a consultation and research process our objectives were set and are presented in our Equality Plan 2012 – 2016. As a non-devolved public body in Wales we are not subject to the Wales Specific Equality Duties.
Our Objectives:

Operational Delivery

Meeting the needs of diverse individuals and communities
We will monitor and scrutinise the way in which the force handles hate crime incidents, pushing for increases in the satisfaction of hate crime victims across each of the protected characteristics that are monitored. In conjunction with South Wales Police we will also work to increase the reporting of hate incidents among communities, particularly among those from groups currently less likely to report.

People and Culture

Building an inclusive and supportive working environment
In order to ensure that the force effectively represents the communities it serves, we will monitor the profile of South Wales Police employees and encourage the force to appropriately address under representation of, and support the progression of, under represented groups.

Organisational Processes

Integrating equality across business areas
We will work to increase the proportion of children and young people we engage with during the year, including increasing the numbers of children and young people on our consultation panel. We will engage with children and young people on issues that are relevant to them.
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